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Dreamscaped Images from the Tarmac

August 03, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I was traveling from Atlanta to home.  The weather looked perfect when we arrived at the airport even though there was a chance of rain in the forecast.  While boarding, however, the rain started to fall.  We pulled away from the gate and I was hopeful that we would be on time.  I was sitting in a bulkhead seat with just my iPad reading a book.  My stuff, including my camera, was in the overhead bin.

And, then we got parked on the Tarmac.  There was a cloudburst and we were waiting for the weather to improve.  We were probably sitting there for about 15 to 20 minutes, give or take.  I looked out my window and there was a lovely scene caused by rain and scratches on the window.  I changed to the camera app on my iPad and started taking a few shots outside of my window.  As you can see, I caught just a little bit of the inner window when I took the shot.


After that I went into a couple of photo apps and enhanced the image.  The first app that I used was Snapseed where I changed the lighting to a more dramatic look.  Then I went into the app, Alien Sky, and added a bit of a beacon light effect.



After this, I tried a different photo of the control tower and added a bit of lightning using the Alien Sky app with this result.


By this time, we were ready to take off.  The time on the tarmac passed quickly since I was able to capture and then enhance a few images from my journey.  And, I didn't regret that my usual camera was neatly packed away in the overhead bin.


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