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Camera Movement

July 23, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

There are some summer days that I just love the color that is around me.  The gardens are in full bloom.  The fields have the golden glow of wheat.  Today I decided to concentrate on taking photos that concentrated on the color in an abstract way using "Intentional Camera Movement" and the multiple exposure feature on my camera.

A few years ago I was at a camera workshop and some folks had equipment that allowed them to take multiple exposures and then process them "in camera".  I loved this feature and was waiting patiently for Canon to provide this same feature.  As soon as they announced that they were going to debut a new Canon 5D model with multiple exposure and HDR, I immediately ordered the camera and waited for it to be released in the US.

I was not disappointed.  Both features are things that I really appreciate about my camera.  And I use these features to enhance my creative expression.

Today was all about color and making fun, abstract images.  I tried conventional multiple exposure, with 9 exposures.  

Here are some of the results.

I spied a couple of pink blossoms with a whole lot of greenery.  I knew that the pink would do a nice bit of blending with the green and provide a colorful splash of green tones with some pink.  Swirling my camera around created the affect, with 9 exposures.

PAD July 16 ICM Because it's FUNPAD July 16 ICM Because it's FUN


This next shot was more experimental.  I saw lots of color and wondered what it would be like all blended together.  Movement wasn't a circle but more downward in nature.


PAD July 16 ICM Because it's FUNPAD July 16 ICM Because it's FUN

I returned to a swirling approach with 9 exposures with one lily in the frame and some greenery and some brown earth.  This time I slightly moved the camera in a clockwise position.


PAD July 16 ICM Because it's FUNPAD July 16 ICM Because it's FUN

Slightly different part of the garden more of a traditional clockwise rotation with a center focus and 9 exposures.  I can feel the thrill of the movement.

PAD July 16 ICM Because it's FUNPAD July 16 ICM Because it's FUN

Then I changed my approach completely and took multiples by changing the zoom of my lens.  A little more like a horror-movie than a celebration of color.


PAD July 16 ICM Because it's FUNPAD July 16 ICM Because it's FUN

Tried changing the zoom lens again, this time just focused on flowers and 3 multiple exposures.  A more subtle approach, but not the type of celebration of color that I was hoping for.  

PAD July 16 Flowers ShakingPAD July 16 Flowers Shaking

I liked the following affect a whole lot more.  White color with a little green background.  3-Shot multiple exposure with just a slight twist on the zoom lens.  In the future, I might play with a 2-Shot multiple exposure with just a little twist of the zoom to give it a slight ghost affect.  And I might change the whiteness to a purer white by overexposing a bit.


Pad July 16 MultiplesPad July 16 Multiples

I have to admit that it was great fun to play with color and creative expression.  Some really work well for me; others were a nice experiment.  But often, it's the experiments that I really like.  So, I will continue to play around and use the features of my camera and my ability to move and shake in order to create!.



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