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Jan 1 Blue Skies Reflected on the Fox River from the Memorial Street Bridge

Jan 2 Pink Morning One

Jan 8 Mural that includes a cat in Valparaiso, Chile

Jan 9 The Sparkling Lights of Valparaiso Chile, 2

Jan 9 Mural in Valparaiso

Jan 10 Clouds and Reflections One

Jan 10 Pre-Colombia Figure on Main Floor

Jan 11 Interesting Sculpture Three

Jan 12 Aerial View of MPLS

Jan 12 CloverLeaf

Jan 12 Roads and Forests

Jan 15 Train nearing the Memorial Street Bridge

Jan 15 Sideview of Train

Jan 16 Cardinal Four

Jan 18 Ice Shove

Jan 18 Bench and Lake Winnebago

Jan 22 Red Berries with a Dew Drop

Jan 22 Mature Eagle

Jan 23 The Melting Snowman during the January Thaw

Jan 30 That's Some Ice