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Welcome to Images by MEV.

Enjoy the photos taken during the first half of 2018 in the spirit of Wabi Sabi.

I've been taking photos ever since I can remember, but really got started while in high school. I worked on the yearbook and newspaper in high school and college and spent many hours in dark rooms processing film and printing photos.

I moved over to the digital age in 2001 with Canon equipment. My first digital camera was the G-1, which was a great little camera that took awesome pictures. I always walk around with some sort of camera, usually my S120 and also my iPhone.

I am enjoying my Canon cameras,  5DM3 and 5DM4. Lots of excellent features and I enjoy experimenting with them all.  In-camera multiple exposure is a delight to use.  Plus Live Use is very helpful when taking nature photos using a macro lens.

I enjoy being the photographer at family events and then giving pictures and slideshows for presents. I love the outdoors and I find lots of relaxation from the day to day stresses by taking landscapes. I've taken a number of photo workshops over the years and I am experimenting with more creative expression through abstract nature subjects and just different subject matter. I am also playing with the types of effects that Nik filters, Topaz, and OnOne software can provide.

And lastly, my referral code is: YXE-HY1-VVZ