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I Liked This Image, but Others Didn't

July 01, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

There are some times when you just like an image and it just doesn't work for others.  Perhaps, for you, there is something about the memory of the image.....where you took it, what you envisioned, how you processed it.


So, my story.  I am on a photographic workshop in the Banff area.  We are traveling on the back roads and I ask the instructor to stop because I saw a lovely grove of trees.  I love birches and aspen and this just was the perfect situation for me.



I have to admit that I really, really liked this image.  It reminded me of Elliot Porter and other photographers that are just able to capture an image.


So, I submitted it to my local Camera Club end of year judging.  It did not do well.  Why?  What happened?  I loved it, but did others?


Time for me to re-think this image.  What can I do to drastically change it?



So, my first thought was to make it bolder.  Emphasis everything.  But it still didn't work for me, given the feedback from the Camera Club.  Ho Hum.  Just another image.  Nothing special to them.


Since I like this image so much, I had it as my screen saver on my computer.  What I found is that it was too "white".  I couldn't read the various files that were on my computer.  I needed something darker.....


Ah, creative endears.  Time for me to really transform this image so I can read the folder names on my desktop.


Ah, Topaz!  I used a couple of Topaz filters to get to my new vision of what this image might look like.  Topaz Simplify, Topaz Glow, Topaz Restyle.  All were employed to get a make-over on my image.


And here is my final result.....keep in mind that I am using this on my home screen and want to be able to view the folder names.....



This is actually a great photo for my home screen.  I can see the various files, the file names, and people ask me how I achieved this effect.  Not my initial vision, but with a little help from Topaz, I was able to find an image that  worked for my purpose.


Although there is a little part of me that really likes the original image.   It sings for me....maybe not for others....but what is the real reason to take photos...self satisfaction?


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