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Thoughts on my Photo Journey during 2017

December 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I suddenly realized as I sorting through photos from a day that what I am really doing is creating a Photo Memoir.  I've tried to just take one photo-a-day, but I find it way too hard to just pick one.  I've struggled with this a bit over the past 5 years that I've worked with Photo-A-Day.  

And, then it came to me.  It's not about selecting one photo, but to create a photo memoir of the year.

It started in January when I was taking my Dad on drives and we would see the progress on Sturgeon Fishing in our area and my Dad noting how beautiful this area is.  I just shared these photos with my Dad and they truly do represent a special memory of our time together.  


One example of what we saw during our Sturgeon fishing drives is this photo:

PAD Feb 20 Sturgeon Fishing Sites on a warm dayPAD Feb 20 Sturgeon Fishing Sites on a warm day

We enjoyed watching the fishing club putting the Christmas trees along a safe path on the ice.  We appreciated how early in the season when the ice was pretty thick that the Christmas trees would extend outward quite a distance.  The above photo shows a thaw day when the club is quickly rounding up the fishing shanties and bringing them back to shore so they don't fall through the ice.  Ice was just too thin to hold much weight.


And then there was a day when deer visited us in our backyard.  We were just lounging a bit and a small group of deer passed through our yard looking for juicy shrubs to eat.


PAD Feb 17 Deer Visitor in our backyard OnePAD Feb 17 Deer Visitor in our backyard One

And then a heavy snow day.  Quite a beautiful sight to watch from the comfort of our living room as the snow accumulated.


PAD Feb 2 SnowfallPAD Feb 2 Snowfall This is just a short sampling of what the two of us experienced that create special memories.  And these memories are prompted by the photos that I took.


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