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Dreamscapes Continued

July 20, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

A few years ago I started taking workshops from Freeman Patterson and Andre Gallant in New Brunswick, Canada.  While there I became an avid fan of Creative Expression, especially using Dreamscapes as a means of enhancing my images.  I really like the way that Dreamscapes altered the mood of the photo and I found myself having an entirely different emotional response which fits with the dreamy aspect of the resulting photograph.


One of my favorite places to photograph in my area is the local gardens.  I go there fairly often and my favorite time of the year is in early to mid-July when the roses are blooming.  This last visit, I spent about an hour or so photographing a number of different scenes.  One of my favorites is the statue of the ballerina surrounded by roses.  Then I Dreamscaped the various ballerina scenes using the technique that Andre Gallant describes in two of his books, Inspiration and Expressionism.  Here is one example of the BEFORE and AFTER.


Here is the BEFORE photo.



Here is the AFTER photo.    Notice how the whole scene changes with a "dreamier" look and feel and with deep, rich colors.


WD8A9596 DreamscapeWD8A9596 Dreamscape

In this instance, I used Photoshop Elements to prepare the two layers for the Dreamscape Effect and then used blending mode of Multiply to put the two layers together.


Here are two more examples of the AFTER using the Dreamscapes approach on slightly different views of the same ballerina.

WD8A9585 Dreamscapejpg NS RBIA IA UNWD8A9585 Dreamscapejpg NS RBIA IA UN

WD8A9595 DreamscapeWD8A9595 Dreamscape



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