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Dreamscapes: Having a Little Fun

July 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

The variety of subject matter for Dreamscapes is infinite.  My other two posts covered my first interest and love----taking photos of flowers and gardens.  BUT, Dreamscapes can be used for all sorts of interesting and intriguing subjects.

Recently, I had the weekly photo assignment of "formal".  So, I decided to have a little fun with this and explore this challenging assignment with a little fun and color.  I used the Dreamscape approach and a little extra photo editing to complete my creative expression.

Somehow I decided tuxes and gowns would be a great way to capture the assignment.  I went to the mall and took photos in two different formalwear stores, which resulted in these kind of boring images......BORING.  This definitely needs some "dream-work"!!!!



I first used Andre Gallant's approach to creating a Dreamscape, where one layer is blurred considerably and the second layer is lightened considerably.  The two layers are combined using the Multiply Blend effect.  But then I got the idea of pushing this a little further and using the Topaz Glow plug-in, called Electrifying.


Pad July 8 Formal TwoPad July 8 Formal Two Now, that's getting a little closer.....BUT, I still wanted more.  To me, formal and classical images have a sense of symmetry.  So, I went into Diptic, a photo app that allows you to make interesting frames and got to work with a more classic look.


Pad July 8 Formal FifteenPad July 8 Formal Fifteen

AND, I wanted to go just one step further and use a different frame and one more formal photo, the bridesmaid's gowns.  Again, this was added using the very fun photo app called Diptic.


Pad July 8 Formal SixteenPad July 8 Formal Sixteen

So, this Dreamscape was a fun combination of the original approach, adding a little punch using Topaz Glow's Electrifying filter, and then experimenting with a couple of different framing effects.


More fun expressions in the next week or two.





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