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Why do I take photos?

February 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I was with a number of fellow photo buffs over the weekend and we explored why we take photos.  After the meeting, I ponder this a bit more.


Why do I take photos?

It does give me pleasure.  I enjoyed the feeling of having a camera around my neck and then being able to capture a moment.  


I feel a sense of specialness when I capture an image that means something to me in a unique way.  


It gives me a sense of purpose...I have this photo assignment, either given to me professionally or by my own unique wits, and I try my darnedest to express it.


I believe in creative expression, in many different forms.  There are times when I photograph and I don't want to process the image at all.  I want it to remain pure, in what I capture.  Then, there are other times.  A fraction of the others.  When I want to really process the image to get to the "look" that I experienced it.


I enjoy the thrill of the shoot.  Capturing something, hopefully special and telling.


Being able to share with family, the special moments of our lives.


Being able to work with 'clients' to capture their sense of the moment, filtered by my eyes.


To be able to discover who I am because of what I decide to photography and display.



Thanks for listening on this special leap day.




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