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March 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

One of my joys today was just to meander and take photos.  No agenda.  No specific subject matter.  Just to live in the moment and appreciate the light, color, and scene in front of me.

My photos are not great, but they give me a certain joy.  I can remember the moment.  I can try to have a composition that speaks to me and perhaps to others. There is a certain connection between the taking of the image and an emotional response.  Sometimes it goes beyond that.  And sometimes I don't recognize that until much later.

There are  times when I want to process an image to the max.  And, most often, I want to take the image and appreciate the AS IS.


Since I am meandering, here are a couple of AS IS images from today.  AS IS doesn't cheapen their meaning.  In some respects, it's purer because it's what I saw at the time.  Without processing.  


PAD March 6 Sailing on the ICEPAD March 6 Sailing on the ICE

Here is one small example of being in the moment and taking the photo.  The winds were intense and this person was skipping the ice with his wind carrying unit.  The ice is in fragile condition, but he soared.  I felt the soaring and felt him skating across the ice.  Such in the moment experience.


I love to capture these moments and relive them as I pursue my photos.  May not be the best composition, but it sings to me.  Perhaps it might also sing to others.


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