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A Wonderful and Unexpected Walk

February 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I took a drive and found myself at Thousand Island nature Center in Kaukauna, Wisconsin.  Here are my thoughts while hiking and taking photos.

The day, the glorious day!  When I arrived, there was snow swirling around me when I was preparing to get ready for my hike.  At first, I thought I would “test” it out by just walking around with a plastic bag around my camera to protect it from the snow. I took a few shots of the snow clinging to the trees and the woodpile by the Sugar Shack.  And then headed back to the car to pick up my camera bag and my wallet.  No tripod, though.  The wind was too cold to stand around a set up a tripod shot, or so I said to myself.


So, I started to walk and I found I quickly had to remove the camera from my plastic bag and capture and freeze in time the moments around me.

PAD Jan 31 Leading to the RiverPAD Jan 31 Leading to the River

I was greeted by a pathway that was snow covered with only one other set of tracks.  Fresh snow even though it was around lunch time.  The viewing area overlooking the river was all mine.  No footprints there yet.  The air was fresh.  The snow had stopped.  There wasn’t any ice underfoot at this point in the trail.  And there were photo possibilities everywhere.

PAD Jan 31 View of the Viewing PlatformPAD Jan 31 View of the Viewing Platform

One of my favorites along the way is the down tree limb that is white along the river when it hits a narrow portion.  The tree limb runs from the right to the center of the photo, with a wonderful display of white and dark colors.  When I took the photo, I felt a sense of jubilation since it was a shot that really typified the moment right after a snowfall and no one except me had experienced this, at least at this point in time.


PAD Jan 31 White Fallen Limb Treatment 2PAD Jan 31 White Fallen Limb Treatment 2


I noticed the edges where the snow hit the river and there is intricate crust of ice where the shore meets the river.  It was cold here as the wind hits the river and then covers me with its icy breathe.  In spite of the cold air, I decided to press on since the snow was untrampled and I had the unique experience of seeing a fresh look at the snow and ice.  I looked around the shoreline for an icy look as the shoreline is extremely close to the water.


PAD Jan 31 Ice at the FringePAD Jan 31 Ice at the Fringe

And I found a couple of literally cool looks of the edge between shoreline and water where the ice formed some interesting patterns.  Cool patterns, literally.  Enjoy the following photos that give you a sense of the edges between snow and river.



PAD Jan 31 Close up of the Icy FringePAD Jan 31 Close up of the Icy Fringe

And now even more close-up looks at some of the icy formations.


PAD Jan 31 Majestic Ice SculpturePAD Jan 31 Majestic Ice Sculpture

PAD Jan 31 White Lacy EdgePAD Jan 31 White Lacy Edge


PAD Jan 31 White Lacy Edge 2PAD Jan 31 White Lacy Edge 2


Usually I don't take photos of complicated shots with lots of stuff.  But I thought I would try a few shots that had a complex composition rather than simple simple.  First, the one with the limbs topped with snow.


PAD Jan 31 Tree ArtPAD Jan 31 Tree Art

And then the one with lots of white with staves of branches peeking through.

PAD Jan 31 Complex but Simple TwoPAD Jan 31 Complex but Simple Two One showing the creek surrounded by snow.

PAd Jan 31 Look of the RiverPAd Jan 31 Look of the River

And, lastly, the leading line formed by rocks in the river and lead to a fallen log with pristine snow on top.

PAD Jan 31 Leading to the Log Across the RiverPAD Jan 31 Leading to the Log Across the River


So, you experienced my walk and here's a short poem to celebrate the occasion.



Flurries surround me,

My Camera in hand,

Breathe leaves a noticeable trail,

I am ready for a walk.


My Footsteps are the First,

Leaving a trail,

White Inprint

Snow slowly fills in.


I wander on,

No particular trail in mind,

Following the beauty

of the Fresh Snow.


The river is roaring,

Rapids have little WhiteCaps,

Edges are Laced

With ICE.


Trees are holding

A Thin layer of white

Outlining patterns

Only I have

the Priviledge

To See.




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