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Dreamscapes in Chile, the learning

February 03, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I had a number of profound revelations when I was presenting at Mindcamp Chile 2017.  I was presenting on my topic, Dreamscapes, and I had the huge insight of how powerful the use of photo capture and photo manipulation can be in creative sessions.

I had attended a session earlier in the conference where the presenter did a magnificent job of using a photo deck and prompting questions to have us explore insights around ourselves.  The photo deck had magnificent photos that were photographic works of art and each one had a one-word title.  There was also a accompanying book that had stories about the photos and additional questions to ponder.  The presenter used the stories in the book and the prompting questions to further inspire our thinking.  My insight during the session is how simple and powerful the interplay of the cards, the book, and the simple prompting questions were.

After the session, someone asked me the question about why didn't I put together a photo deck.  I have some lovely photos and I have used them in various situations and exercises during creative sessions over the years. But, I been very resistant to creating a photo deck.  As I thought about this a bit more and had even further conversations with folks (during the debriefing sessions at Mindcamp, called Kaliedoscopes), I realized that having people use their own photos and transform them using a photo app provides a very different experience with lots of emotion, engagement, and the fodder for some pretty deep insights about self and others.  So, I proclaimed during my Kaliedoscope debriefing session that "I don't need a photo deck and I am letting go of that need to produce one.  Instead, I am going to further develop and explore the Dreamscape approach formally in a little booklet, video, and demonstration of how it might be used in your life and in creative sessions.  I am going to concentrate initially on simple insights about self and then using a visioning exercise to create insights about personal growth.


I will probably be sharing snippets of how to approach this using this blog, various galleries within my Zenfolio photo sharing site, and some videos on Vimeo.

Stay tuned for these developments


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